[vz-dev] Happy birthday, volkszaehler!

Justin Otherguy justin at justinotherguy.org
Sat Dec 11 00:31:22 CET 2010

Hi volkszaehler,

on the occasion of our 42nd subscriber I'd like to give you a few stats.

Since the beginning of the month we've had 7 new subscriptions to the list - welcome :-)

We're currently in the busiest month of our mailing list - and there's another 2/3 of a month to go; seems we'll be able to afford some time off for christmas...

What else is there going on?
well - there might be a dedicated android app coming up - not definite yet, though. Flukso support is on its way, too - really looking forward to that.
You've probably seen the new demo already: http://volkszaehler.org/neu/ ; you can add this UUID to see the demo data: 
I've just added a link to the demo to our welcome page at http://volkszaehler.org/ and Steffen's just made the front end even nicer...

One more thing to celebrate: precisely one year ago I responded to the guys over in Furtwangen organizing UnFUCK 2010. I suggested to speak about the smart meter I had built last summer - and I thought, the name "volkszaehler" might attract some coders...

So, thanks to all of you for your contributions!

Keep your ideas coming - and keep hacking :-)

Regards, J.

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