[vz-dev] API

Mathias Dalheimer dalheimer at itwm.fhg.de
Tue Jul 20 10:25:44 CEST 2010


On 7/20/10 10:14 AM, Bart Van Der Meerssche wrote:
>>> Quiz: Guess which language the barcamp title refers to. First one to
>>> guess correctly will get ein Helles from me during the camp. Barcamp
>>> organizers cannot participate in this contest.

I demand compensation for this unjustified act of oppression! :P

Let me introduce myself: I am the project leader of 
http://www.mysmartgrid.de, and Klaus recently pointed out that this list 

As for the API discussion: I did not yet read the archive, but I think 
that Bart knows what my thoughts on it are. I have one strong 
requirement, though: Do not break the old Flukso API. I have around 30 
installed devices now, and the numbers are growing fast - I have around 
140 people waiting for one. So, don't break existing installations :-)


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