[vz-dev] atmega+ENC-board

Justin Otherguy justin at justinotherguy.org
Sat Feb 19 21:30:17 CET 2011


a friend of mine offered to layout and produce a (small) number of PCBs with
ATmega + ENC (SMD) + Ethernet port (incl. transformer) + USB port.
Anyone here interested in getting one?

I would like to see this on it:
- atmega644(p)-20 AU
- ENC 28J60-I/SO (SMD)
- FTDI (SMD, optional component)
- 6 pin-header for ISP
- voltage regulator 5V -> 3V
- power supply 5V (not regulated)
- another (maybe several) pin header(s) for the atmega's ports

anything else?

That would make a nice, small board we could find a nice, small box for that
would allow to have a controller with LAN running pretty quickly.

- let me know if you're interested and what features you'd like to see
- he'd suggest a layout and estimate a price
- ...


Regards, J.

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