[vz-dev] absolute value not pulses for power meter

Steffen Vogel info at steffenvogel.de
Mon Jan 3 20:06:47 CET 2011

On Sun, 02 Jan 2011 20:33:57 +0100, Jakob Hirsch <jh at plonk.de> wrote:
>> is there any present support in pushing absolute values eg.
>> 130Watt at 1234567890 (Watt at unixtimestamp) up to the vz-backend?
> Ha! That's what I wrote a few days ago to Steffen :)
> As I understand, you could change the interpreter of "power" (or add a
> new definition) in ./lib/Definition/EntityDefinition.json from
> ".../MeterInterpreter" to "SensorInterpreter".

Hi, here is an additional entity type for "powersensors":


Now you can create a powersensor:


A &resolution parameter is not allowed here anymore..

What do you think about renaming the entity type"power" to "powermeter"?
Unforunatly, this would break all existing volkszeahler installations :(

greetings & a happy new year


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