[vz-dev] absolute value not pulses for power meter

Jens Wilmer volkszaehler at jenswilmer.de
Sun Jan 9 20:26:21 CET 2011

Hello Steffen,

Am 05.01.2011 20:41, schrieb Steffen Vogel:
> Energy? I think this doesnt clarifies, that we measure an electrical power
> rating
As we do not measure an electrical power rating but the energy consumed, 
it is quite adequate.
>> The unit would be kWh, then.
> Sure?
> For the frontends we are converting/calculating this
> consumption/energy into a power (Leistung).
> With the last commit I already changed it to "kW".
If you calculate the power by dividing the energy by time, you also 
divide the units. This automatically results in "W" (Or another unit of 
The Values stored in the Database represent the energy measured and 
should be labelled accordingly. You can calculate whatever you want from it.
If you add a Frontendview showing the daily temperature difference you 
wouldn't rename the temperature measurements to "Temperaturedifference 
per day" and change the unit to "°C/d" either, would you?


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