[vz-dev] misc.

Justin Otherguy justin at justinotherguy.org
Fri Jan 14 00:27:17 CET 2011

Good evening *,

I'm just after setting up a thermometer (DS18S20) outside my house. The output is included in the demo data.
Speaking of temperature sensors: with the help of our ethersex friends I have implemented a first version of the "emcd-less temperature sensor" :-)

It works. It's not beautiful (surprise!) (someone claiming "lousy prototyping" yet?). But: it works.
And: volkszaehler.org seems to be travelling fairly well on that route. It worked for 
- controllercode: Jens (interrupt, buffer)
- frontend: Florian / Steffen (AJAX)
- backend: Steffen (structure, API)
- installation: Jakob (script)
maybe it works for this one as well? Nice features would include:
- separation of code and config (as far as possible)
- auto-detection of attached sensors

Recently I was wondering how easy it is to get started contributing to volkszaehler.org. I appreciate your thoughts on this. I'm pretty happy with the progress we're making - so this is not me trying to get more people to work, no. It's more about finding obstacles and removing them for someone who would like to contribute. So tell me if you see obstacles or what you would like to see changed.

I think we're getting better in documentation also. One thing we need desperately is some "macroscopic" documentation for the backend code. The structure makes it very powerful and extensible. But we do need something that describes how the backend's components are being glued together, something like "request comes in -> goes to the router -> depending on..." and some description of "a request logging a value passes through the backend's modules this way:...".

Please let me know your opinion on this (if you prefer you can send me a PM).

Is there someone on the list with experience with gmane.org? I'd like to have our archive there (searchable...) and I'd appreciate some help.

Next issue: I was quite surprised when I realized that I have met less then half the subscribers here in person. That's a pitty, I think. So, here are two chances where I'd like to meet you:

- http://smart-grid-symposium.de/
  Feb. 1st/2nd in Karlsruhe
  Mathias and Bart are going to be there and I will attend, too - so: if this is not too far away for you, you shouldn't miss out!
  Contact me directly if you're interested - I'm sure I'll be able to sort out something about the attendance fee

- http://www.dfn-cert.de/veranstaltungen/workshop.html
  Feb. 15th/16th in Hamburg
  Please contact me by PM if you're close to Hamburg

One more thing: I'm not too sure, if everyone's aware of our IRC channel (#volkszaehler.org on freenode). Recent weeks there have always been 1-3 of you guys around. Not much, but a very handy means of communication.

Take care!

Regards, J.

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