[vz-dev] line charts are wrong display style for "power" type data!

Justin Otherguy justin at justinotherguy.org
Wed Jun 29 22:21:32 CEST 2011

Hi Harald,

Am 29.06.2011 um 22:08 schrieb Harald Koenig:

> On Jun 29, Justin Otherguy wrote:
>>>> I switched back to 
>>>> 	commit e4b1f69548f3e09ff8377d12902b5fcd02e84277
>>> Hm, I thought my changes were merged way before that. Strange...
>> that's correct. That was a number of weeks ago.
>> volkszaehler.org currently runs:
>> e4b1f69548f3e09ff8377d12902b5fcd02e84277
>> You might want to switch to that one.
> that's exactly what I'm using too... the next patch 
> 	commit 0f842f375a373c9b0c440ae4dc26a095a46eaf7d
> 	Date:   Fri Mar 25 07:54:54 2011 +0800
> already breaks my operation.
hm - wait a minute:
that's the one that currently runs on volkszaehler.org:

you refer to this one:


So, the commit I'm running is 4 commits _newer_ than the other one - did I understand something wrong here?

Regards, J.

>> And BTW in case you wish to revert to a previous commit after a git pull 
>> (yes, this happens from time to time): there is a special git command for
>> that - I can't seem to find my secret git-cheat-sheet at the moment - the
>> command has some "~1" in it - I'm sure the git fanboys here will be able 
>> to fill me in - thanks!
> I look up the hashes using "gitk" and then switch to that point using
>  git reset --hard  e4b1f69548f3e09ff8377d12902b5fcd02e84277
great - thanks!

I've updated the wiki.

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