[vz-dev] line charts are wrong display style for "power" type data!

Harald Koenig H.Koenig at science-computing.de
Thu Jun 30 12:05:20 CEST 2011

On Jun 30, Jakob Hirsch wrote:

> Oh, and to be able to answer the common question
> > which version do you recommend to try ?
> I'd suggest we fix the outstanding bugs (_real_ bugs, not functional
> deficiencies, wishlist items and stuff), tag it as 0.19beta (or
> whatever), let some people test it and, after some more bugfixing rounds
> (as necessary), tag the result as 0.2. This would also mean that new
> features, reconstruction etc. will have to go into a different branch.
> Opinions?

totally agreed!  
+2 for bug-fixes first (and only, for now;).

it would be nice if either 

- there are tags for "known-to-work" versions 
- different branches for production / for testing but supposed to work / experimental and known to break 

in the git so that one can decide which code to use and know which risks to select;)

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