[vz-dev] Entering new values from the console with the wget command

Willy Verbiest willy.verbiest at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 16:01:12 CEST 2011

Hello Steffen

I'm still working on the 1-wire counter DS2423 to the volkszaehler
solution but before designing the software I tried some test over the
console on a later state I will do this from my program.

I have tried to entering a value from the console by means of the wget
command but I have some troubles.

First I've added a new Kanal on the web frontend :

Middleware:    ../middleware.php
Typ:           Stromzähler
Öffentlich:    (*) ja
Titel:         Hause
Auflösung:     800
Kosten:        0.00025
Beschreibung:  eacDSZ-63A 3-phasig

In the properties table I have now the following rows for the new zaehler:
id  entity_id  pkey         value
10  3          public       1
11  3          title        Hause
12  3          resolution   800
13  3          cost         0.00025
14  3          description  eacDSZ-63A 3-phasig

I've found the new uuid in the table entities and have used it in the
wget command.

Then I entered the following command on the console of my embedded board:
root at alix2:~# wget -O-
int(t*1000.0) " # >& /dev/null"
[1] 21094
[2] 21095
root at alix2:~# "http://www.alix.vl/volkszaehler.org/htdocs/middleware/data/72574ec0-f405-11e0-b430-b73bcecafc42.json?operation=add:
Schema ontbreekt.

This gives me the error "Schema ontbreekt" = "Schema missing"

On the web frontend when clicking on Jahr I get the message:

Javascript Runtime Error
this.data.mon is undefined

I see that there is a new value in the "data" table with:
id         = 21346
channel_id = 3
timestamp  = 131839052762
value      = 1

I've found the wget command in the file:

Can you tell me what I did wrong ?

The counter I want to add gives 800 pulses/kWh

Thanks in advance,
Willy Verbiest

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