[vz-dev] 1wire Counters

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Mon Sep 19 16:08:08 CEST 2011


These days, Udo Matzinger posted on the list his way of using 1wire
Counters to obtain the Energy consumption of his meter. The meter has a
normal S0-impulse output.

I think thats a nice way because:

- we havn't to rely on microcontrollers to count the pulses with
interrupts etc.

- its not tragical if we miss a pulse (uC crashes or so) because the
counters stores absolute values.

- 1wire counters can be read with ethersex and via PC

- you can put a lot of these counters on a 1wire bus

There are just some questions I have:

- how does the 1wire counter stores its value? RAM or EEPROM?
  Does it will be resetted in case of a power loss?

- are there any distributors of these counters in Germany?
  I noticed that Dallas doesn't procude them anymore :(

- should we put some effort in supporting these counters if they are not
produced anymore?



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