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Henry van Gestel henry.van.gestel at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 21:56:25 CET 2012

Op 12/17/2012 6:15 PM, Ralf Löhmer schreef:
> Am 17.12.2012 12:59, schrieb Henry van Gestel:
>> I will try your new script iskra2.pl <http://iskra2.pl>
>> Do you get also decimals? In my first try wit Hterm I got only integers.
>> Is there a way to get more decimals from Iskra MT171?
> Hi Henry,
> good to know that you have success now.
> If you don't get decimals, then your electric energy provider cancels 
> that in the meter's setup.
> Ask your provider if they want to change that.
> There are other things which the meter can provide, but they are 
> hidden from the user output.
> http://www.iskraemeco.si/emecoweb/ger/products/bdf/MT171_ang.pdf
> For example multi-rate...
> http://universalmeterservices.co.uk/store/images/MT171.pdf
> see 4.1 in this document
> rl
Thanks for quick reply

Yes I have succes but only with my notebook running Win7, Hterm.
Another program I found very usefull is Com port toolkit which shows 
traffic in and out with timestamps.

Now perl on Raspberry pi.
here I'am not succesfull yet. Using "socat" in a perl script is not 
giving wanted results.
Your latest perl program iskra2.pl  gaves a problem on RPI "Can't locate 
IO/Termios.pm in @INC"
It must be a library not loaded or included , for now I can not find the 
solution, must be something simple I oversee.

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