[vz-dev] iskra mt171

Henry van Gestel henry.van.gestel at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 14:37:02 CET 2013

Finaly it works.

With succes I used the per script from Jumi after 2 weeks of strugling.
used Raspberry pi, 2 ir heads from Udo.

Perl script:
# JuMi2006 / www.knx-user-forum.de
# Version: 0.1.3
# Datum: 23.04.2012

I had to adjust the timing used in the script.

####START 300baud
my $port = new Device::SerialPort($device) || die "can't open $device: $!";
$port->baudrate(300) || die 'fail setting baudrate';
$port->databits(7) || die 'fail setting databits';
$port->stopbits(1) || die 'fail setting stopbits';
$port->parity("even") || die 'fail setting parity';
$port->read_char_time(006); # 0.006 seconds for each character
#$port->read_const_time(400); # 1 second per unfulfilled "read" call
$port->write_settings || die 'fail write settings';

Maybe this helps others with the same problem.
thanks to Jumi

On Dec 19, 2012, at 6:19 PM, Udo1 wrote:

> Am 19.12.2012 18:09, schrieb Henry van Gestel:
>> approaching ttyUSB works obviously better with ¨socat¨ than ¨termios¨?
> Sorry I do not know.

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