[vz-dev] vzlogger 0.4.0?

Ralf G. R. Bergs Ralf+VolksZaehler at bergs.biz
Tue Dec 9 14:11:57 CET 2014

Hi Andreas.

On 2014-12-09 14:05 , Andreas Götz wrote:
>> Am 09.12.2014 um 12:18 schrieb Ralf G. R. Bergs <Ralf+VolksZaehler at bergs.biz>:
>> Hi guys.
>> A week ago or two someone in the IRC channel mentioned a version 0.4.0
> I think that was me in github.
Yes, I now remember it was you. Thanks for stepping up. :-)
>  Current is 0.3.9, my fault.
Ok, so I couldn't find anything regardless how hard I try... ;-)
>> of vzlogger. I came there because I have a problem compiling vzlogger
>> under Raspbian so that the internal microhttpd web server can be used to
> Which problem and what are you using the http server for? Could you use the middleware?
I would prefer to have everything in Cacti, so that I don't have to run
an extra middleware on my intranet server that is just used for a single

Any further advice how to "force" vzlogger to include and enable the
microhttpd code when I compile it on the RPi?



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