[vz-dev] Question about Unit Tests in cross-compile environment

Hannes Schmelzer hannes at schmelzer.or.at
Tue Sep 26 22:21:49 CEST 2017

I build the vzlogger with the buildroot toolchain and i have troubles 
there with the unit tests.

Actually i simple disable these tests there with setting
'set(ENABLE_GOOGLEMOCK FALSE)' within CMakeLists.txt

I'm not sure if this is the 100% right way.
Fact is, that we cannot run the produced binary on the build host.

Would it be an idea for having some 'if cross-compile' within the 
CMakeLists for switching off the unit tests ?

buildroot today passes these arguments per default to the cmake build:


maybe we can hook on something there ...


might be an idea.


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