[vz-dev] Release builds debian packages

Joachim Zobel jz-volkszaehler at heute-morgen.de
Mi Feb 1 20:47:53 CET 2023

Am Dienstag, dem 31.01.2023 um 22:40 +0000 schrieb Thorben Thuermer:
> https://github.com/volkszaehler/vzlogger/pull/478 .
Thanks, I missed that one.

> 2. i'm not sure i understand, can you elaborate?
>    you need to extract the release info metadata from github, in
>    addition to the code from git?
>    i would guess that releases simply have corresponding git tags,
>    otherwise there should be an API to retrieve data from github.

Yes, a release is build from a git tag. Unfortunately it is possible to
modify this tag after the release. So the state of the release is not
reliably visibly in git. Currently I don't see a good way around this.


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