[vz-dev] Nanode

Justin Otherguy justin at justinotherguy.org
Wed Aug 17 08:08:09 CEST 2011

Hi there,

Am 16.08.2011 um 21:08 schrieb Thomas Gauweiler:

> Jedoch sind 20 Pfund für den Bausatz vom Nanode kaum billiger als der AVR-NET-IO.
> Ist aber auf jeden Fall ein cooles Projekt, das die Jungs auf die Beine gestellt haben.
that's true; having such a device as open hardware would be very nice.

> Am 14. August 2011 17:40 schrieb Steffen Vogel <info at steffenvogel.de>:
> http://wiki.hackspace.org.uk/wiki/Project:Nanode
> Might be an interesting replacement for the Polling AVR-NET-IOs.
> The NET-IO boards are not opensource and more expensive than this
> opensource project. Propably the e6 guys are already working on this.
> (I got this hint from their mailinglist)
It shouldn't be to hard to do as the same lan chip (ENC) is being used. The 328 is 
supported by e6 already, too (it has 24 interrupt capable inputs, btw).

And: the Nanode wiki doesn't seem to mention e6 anywhere although the two
projects are a perfect match IMO. I think this is a matter of "visibility"; apparently most
members of the Nanode project are english spoken... what could we possibly learn
from this?!? ;-)

Regards, J.

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