[vz-dev] heading for release v0.2!

Justin Otherguy justin at justinotherguy.org
Fri Mar 4 08:49:18 CET 2011

Hi there,

I think it's about time to aim at a first release (v0.2) of volkszaehler.

Our steps towards the release:
- identify, what's missing for release 0.2
  - register bugs in bugs.volkszaehler.org (setting "target version" to 0.2)
  - enter feature requests in our wiki wishlist [1]
  - find out, where documentation is missing?
  - rename our "backend" into "middleware"
    part of the code is running on the user's device to display data: frontend
    part of the code holds the data: backend (database!)
    part of the code provides the API for the frontend and capsules the data in the db: middleware
    so - apparently we had our naming wrong -> time to correct this (the sooner the better...)
- identify the things, that we do not need in v0.2, postpone them to v0.3 and reduce the amount of work going in that direction
- improve the web and wiki entry pages. Talking with Jakob, Steffen and Mathias in recent days I came to the conclusion that
  - http://volkszaehler.org should be the entry point for first time visitors
    -> what is it?
    -> where can I find information on how to build one myself?
    -> where can I find information on how to improve something?
  - http://wiki.volkszaehler.org should be the entry point for non-first time visitors, needs entry points for
    - those who want to build one
    - those who want to improve something
    these two can be on the same page

My vision for v0.2 is:
- have code that works and satisfies our claim:
  an "Open Source Smart Meter with focus on privacy - you remain the master of your data."
- have documentation that allows you to build your own volkszaehler
To me this means that neither the backend, the api nor the frontend need a lot of attention - I'm very happy with these.

The frontend needs an overhaul (too many buttons, ...) - but we'll go for that after v0.2.

I had a very inspiring meeting with Mathias (mysmartgrid.de) yesterday (thanks for the visit, again!). We'll be working together more closely - this should help all of us. I'm not too sure where to draw the line for subjects to be posted on vz-dev vs. msg-dev. For the time being I suggest subscribing to msg-dev [2] to those of you who are interested in the development of fluksoUSB [3], frontend, API and general discussion on smart metering. I don't think cross-posting msg-dev and vz-dev is a good idea - we'll sort this out as we go along.

Some of you seem to be spending most of their evenings on #volkszaehler.org already - I'd like to invite the rest of you to pay a visit, too. We've had very constructive discussions there recently, Kens postings had their origin there and Sven helped us to start our tiny git-howto yesterday. I'm really happy about that, BTW :-) (@Jakob: yes, that means that I'll be able to pull your patches...)

Alright so - all the best.

Regards, J.

[1] http://wiki.volkszaehler.org/wishlist
[2] http://listserv.mysmartgrid.de/mailman/listinfo/msg-dev
[3] http://developer.mysmartgrid.de/doku.php?id=fluksousbboard
[4] http://wiki.volkszaehler.org/howto/git

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