[vz-dev] Volkszaehler installation: Warning: require_once(Doctrine/ORM/ Configuration.php): failed to open stream

Justin Otherguy justin at justinotherguy.org
Tue Sep 13 23:23:19 CEST 2011

Hi there Willy,

and welcome! :-)

Am 12.09.2011 um 23:23 schrieb Willy Verbiest:

> root at alix2:~# find / -name Configuration.php
> I'm working on an embedded PC running Debian Squeeze.

now that looks to me like you're using an Alix - nice!

Would you mind to share your benchmark result with us in our wiki [0]?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, J.

[0] http://wiki.volkszaehler.org/development/benchmark

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