[vz-dev] iskra mt171

Jakob Hirsch jh at plonk.de
Tue Dec 18 10:24:15 CET 2012

Henry van Gestel, 17.12.2012 23:14:
>> The Perl module IO::Termios ist not installed.
>> run "apt-get install libio-termios-perl" to fix that.
> After some study I solved with artikel :
> http://world.std.com/~swmcd/steven/perl/module_mechanics.html
> e.g.
> Downloading: IO-Termios-0.01.tar, IO-Tty-1.07.tar

You should really not install modules or any other software on a debian
system (or any other system with package management) unless you know
what you are doing (which I don't think you do, with all due respect).

Just use the command I gave above (an "apt-get update" before may be
needed), and you won't need any fiddling with source tars or trickery
with environemnt variables, plus you get updates automatically from debian.

If you need a module, lib or programm that is not installed, just use
"apt-cache search", which would have given you the libio-termios-perl
package. For Perl modules you usually don't even need that, as Perl
module packages in debian are named after the module, e.g. the module
Foo::Bar is in libfoo-bar-perl.

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