[vz-dev] Release builds debian packages

Andreas Goetz cpuidle at gmail.com
Di Jan 31 23:43:58 CET 2023

@T: for 3. there is cloudsmith.io which we’re using at evcc via github actions.


> On 31. Jan 2023, at 23:40, Thorben Thuermer <r00t at constancy.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> thanks again for your work towards debian packaging.
> i am afraid that your questions are too specific for any of us to answer.
> it seems great that we can do the building on github's ci services,
> note that this was already discussed in
> https://github.com/volkszaehler/vzlogger/pull/478 .
> regarding:
> 1. it should be possible to combine the approach from #478 with
>   the "hub" command (never heard of that, would have to read docs)?
> 2. i'm not sure i understand, can you elaborate?
>   you need to extract the release info metadata from github, in
>   addition to the code from git?
>   i would guess that releases simply have corresponding git tags,
>   otherwise there should be an API to retrieve data from github.
> 3. by "repository" you are refering to a debian package repository,
>   which would be some storage space accessible publicly by http
>   and with write access via some protocol?
>   if there's no service that can be used for that, maybe justin can
>   set something up on the infrastructure that already hosts
>   demo.volkszaehler.org and this mailing list.
> - T.
> On Sun, 29 Jan 2023 19:51:39 +0100
> Joachim Zobel <jz-volkszaehler at heute-morgen.de> wrote:
>> I am currently working on a relese workflow that builds debian
>> packages. See
>> https://github.com/narc-Ontakac2/libsml/releases/tag/v1.0.1 for the
>> current state. The interesting thing I learned about doing that is the
>> hub command, see
>> https://github.com/narc-Ontakac2/libsml/blob/v1.0.1/.github/workflows/debuild.yml.
>> There are several things that are currently missing:
>> 1. Building debian packages for the relevant architectures (currently
>> I am actually building ubuntu amd64 packages).
>> 2. Locking the v-tag after the release.
>> 3. Uploading the release to a private repo.
>> 1. will be done.
>> 2. is difficult, but I'll find a solution.
>> 3. would of course require a repo. I could set one up, question is
>> where to do that. Volkszaehler.org seems to be running a server, if
>> that is not an option I am running one, too. What do you think?
>> Sincerely,
>> Joachim

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