[vz-dev] frontend API

Justin Otherguy justin at justinotherguy.org
Wed Aug 18 18:52:18 CEST 2010

Hello list,

sorry for the recent non-verbosity!

Here's somewhat of a sum-up of where we have gotten:
- we've specified a first draft of our frontend API (v0.2 - v0.1 is for the prototype, so)
- you can find it in the new wiki [1] (cheers to Steffen for setting this up and moving the content and writing most of the API spec!)
- we've tried to define most of the things we should need in the near future
- as neither Bart nor we intend to use one anothers frontends, there is no real need for a compatible frontend API
- it turns out our API can be used in a mode that is compatible with the syntax Bart has been using for the implementation of the local interface

More news:
we have (that is: Steffen has, yet again) set up a bug tracker that we can use for all kinds of issues and ideas that we come across [2]. You don't need a user account to report issues - it would be helpful if you create one, though.

Steffen is about to finish the backend implementation - you can watch (and fork!) it here [3].

I suppose flo is also making good progress on the frontend - I'm looking forward to having a demo available on volkszaehler.org.

I'm quite optimistic we'll get to a compatible API specification together with Bart for the backend API, which is the more interesting one.
Thanks Bart - our discussions helped me a lot in finding my way into the whole REST idea.

So, big thanks again to Steffen, Bart and flo!

For the API and for the backend (hopefully soon for the frontend, too) I'd like to invite all of you to discuss, contribute, test, criticize, improve, ask...
We're about to leave the "underwater age" - which sounds like a good idea for a project primarily dealing with electricity ;-)

Regards, J.

[1] http://wiki.volkszaehler.org/development/api/reference
[2] http://bugs.volkszaehler.org/
[3] http://github.com/volkszaehler/volkszaehler.org

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