[vz-dev] directory structure volkszaehler.org

Justin Otherguy justin at justinotherguy.org
Sun Dec 26 02:20:14 CET 2010

Hi *,

Steffen and myself went over the directory structure of volkszaehler.org's git repo.
All files and directories have been placed in the directory that was supposed to go as DocumentRoot
-> Jakob remarked that this would mean it would be possible to access e.g. the ethersex .config file (for those having their ethersex code in controller/ethersex).
We have therefore decided to remove all files from the DocumentRoot that do not need to be accessed directly through the web server. That affects:
- volkszaehler.conf.php -> goes into etc
- doctrine files -> go into lib
- sqlite.db (if used someday *hint*) -> goes into var
- docs -> go into misc/docs
- tools -> go into misc/tools
- tests -> go into misc/tests
- demo data -> goes into misc/sql
- controller code -> goes into misc/controller
- README - stays!
and finally:
- all files that need to be accessed through the web server -> go into htdocs

- the URL path to the frontend will remain unchanged
- the backend is being accessed through /backend.php only

Steffen is going to commit that change some time soon. You will have to modify your web server configuration file and set (at least) the new DocumentRoot to the new htdocs directory.

BTW: the final release of doctrine will require another modification of your db structure - a "misc/tools/bin/doctrine orm:schema-tool:update" should do the trick.

Thanks and good night

Regards, J.

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