[vz-dev] iskra mt171

Justin Otherguy justin at justinotherguy.org
Tue Dec 11 07:00:02 CET 2012


Am 11.12.2012 um 01:05 schrieb Thorben Thuermer:

> On Mon, 10 Dec 2012 23:59:11 +0100
> Henry van Gestel <henry.van.gestel at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Or do you know somebody who has iskra mt171 working?
> obviously _somebody_ has it working, as somebody wrote a wiki page on it:
> http://wiki.volkszaehler.org/hardware/channels/meters/power/edl-ehz/iskraemeco_mt171
> the page was created by justin, might ask him who is using the meter.
err - no, sorry; don't have one myself and can't remember how my name came into the editiing history of that page :-)

Regards, J.

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